I love choosing the right tech for the right project. That’s why I like working with rental houses. Although, on some jobs keeping it simple is the way to go. So I’m sharing my film equipment with you.

Add them to your self owned existing equipment kit or shoot with one light only. Whatever works for you. I’m also happy to organize more film lights, grip and what not for you.

Just let me know what you need, and I’ll make it happen.  

Everything is based right in the heart of Stuttgart, Germany waiting for pickup – as long it’s not on production. Call or shoot a mail for availability and pricing. Cheers!    


  • Aputure LS 300x
    • Aputure Light Dome 150
    • Fresnel Lense
  • Aputure Amaran 200x
    • Reflector


  • Avenger A1020CS Combo LowBoy
    • Wheel Set with Brakes


  • Fujifilm X-Pro2
    • 32mm WR f/2
  • Canon 1N 35mm Analog
    • 50mm f/1,8